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BLAKE3 hash



BLAKE3 hash


IDT maker usage on Windows
IDT maker usage on Linux & Apple

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Version history

- 0.8 -
Added ability to inject scan overlay into processed DNG's Previous magic 9 can now be used in batch process Vignette correction and blackpoint accuracy improved Users can now process in place to save space Added ability to detect mirrored target Minor improvements in indicator accuracy

- 0.7 -
Added profile selection choices Terminal colourspace output can be configured Perceptually uniform optimization is now default Added jpeg output for target preview Tuned indicators Added squares and wedges to show
camera patch colours vs ideal Changed small frame colours to
indicate any bad patch readings

- 0.6 -
Preview image of scanned colour target
now shows in terminal window Added ability to batch scan and profile

- 0.5 -
Added variable bit depth DNG writing Minor bug fixes and speed improvements

- 0.4 -
Added support for ARRI's ARI, Canon CR2,
Canon CRW, Epson ERF, Fuji RAF, Hasselblad 3FR,
Kodak DCR, Kodak DCS, Kodak KDC, Leaf IIQ,
Leaf MOS, Mamiya MEF, Minolta MRW, Naked files2,
Nikon NEF, Nikon NRW, Olympus ORF,
Panasonic RW2 (also used by Leica), Pentax PEF,
Samsung SRW, Sony ARW, SRF and SR2 files

- 0.3 -
Master calibration data now synchronizes
automatically over the web

- 0.2 -
and BGGR are now supported

- 0.1 -
First beta release for DNG RAW images