Instantly generate Direct Scene-Referred (DSRTM) IDT's
on set with the Panaluxe Smart colour target: Type 1

Panaluxe Smart colour target and wooden case

Person holding Panaluxe Smart colour target
The Smart target allows creators to perfectly profile shots under any
lighting condition and with any camera that shoots lossless RAW.


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Now accepting orders for the Smart target: Type 1


The price for the Smart target: Type 1 is $3,000 USD. Orders will ship within 3 business days of payment. Shipping on orders is included anywere around the globe. If for any reason you are unhappy with the Smart target
you can request a full refund within 60 days of purchase. Return shipping is not included for returns.


YouTube frame YouTube logo This video covers Absolute, Relative, and Creative IDT's.
Also explains what they do and how they work.


The Panaluxe IDT maker software is available for
Apple, Windows and Linux. Sample footage and instructional videos
are also available on the software page.


Scene relative IDT creation Full
Automatic alignment Yes
Individually calibrated Yes, 376-730nm, 3nm steps
Supplied spectral data Yes
Fugitive wear indicator Yes
Base colourants 29
Pure colourants 14
Infrared profiling support Yes
Rating IP69K
Case Ash
Fishey & distortion correction Automatic
Vignette correction Yes
Handle Nylon
Topcoat Epoxy
Base Polycarbonate
Pigment binder chemistry Urethane
Live indicators UV, IR, Fugitive
Visual colour temp indicators Tungsten, Sunlight, Shade
In camera support Achtel 9x7, LargeSense LS45
Colour tolerance 0.3 ∆E00
File types supported Adobe DNG, ARRI's ARI,
Canon CR2, Canon CRW,
Cinema DNG, Epson ERF,
Fuji RAF, Hasselblad 3FR,
Kodak DCR, Kodak DCS,
Kodak KDC, Leaf IIQ, Leaf MOS,
Mamiya MEF, Minolta MRW,
Naked files2, Nikon NEF,
Nikon NRW, Olympus ORF,
OpenRAW, Panasonic RW2
(also used by Leica),
Pentax PEF, Samsung SRW,
Sony ARW, SRF & SR2
Output file types DNG, OpenRAW
Whitepoint support D65, D50, custom °kelvin,
Stdandard A, Standard E
Interface Drag & drop
OS Apple, Linux, Windows

Filter image
A digital bullseye filter is applied to the RAW image.

Filter image
The RAW data is then demosaiced around the Smart target.

Filter image
Fine alignment markings are used to correct for distortion.

Filter image
The Roundcode is used to retrieve a unique factory profile.

Filter image
A vignette map is calculated.

Filter image
The scene-relative IDT is then embedded.


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Panaluxe Smart colour target illustration
Smart colour target: Type 1

Perfect colour

Every time

If you are a camera manufacturer or software company
who would like to integrate Panaluxe Smart colour tech
in your products, please send an introductory e-mail to: